mercoledì 26 luglio 2017

The other side of the coin of an expat assignment--Brexshit

That I am very upset about Brexit is no secret.
But not everyone knows that it has happened at the worst time for me. I moved to Singapore just the month before the referendum. Marco and I watched incredulous, mad and heartbroken the results unfolding while the majority of the British population was enjoying a satisfying night sleep before waking up to an historical event.
Once the emotions eased and I was able to think logically, I realised that at the end of my expat assignment I could enter a totally new and maybe not so welcoming country, that I used to call home.
So, I decided to apply for the Permanent Residency. It was tricky, given the fact that all of my documents were in the UK. But with Marco’s help (and excellent organisational skills) I did it.
6 months later it was rejected. Our fault, we did not provide prove of employment. We were so busy in providing all sort of evidence that I missed one of the most important documents.
Clock is ticking, but what could I do?? Accept and move on.
I re-applied, providing this time an overwhelming amount of evidence. And I got it after only 3 months. Success.
I was so relieved! Until the day after, when the Government hinted to the possibility that EU citizen that already have PR, might need to re-apply with new (to be defined, or at least to be disclosed) application rules.
PR is not enough. Especially as it can be lost if more than 2 years are spent outside of the UK.
And guess what. I am living in Singapore with a two years contract. And my PR has been back dated to 2015.
So I decide I need to apply for British Citizenship in the UK. But I still live in Singapore, and I have exceeded the number of days I can be out of UK.
So I can apply and rely solely on HO discretion (risking to lose over 1000 pounds)
risk to lose the PR
end my expat assignment earlier.
I hate all of this from the bottom of my heart.
It makes me sick to even hear the word Brexit.
I just want it to go away.

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