venerdì 16 giugno 2017

Our latest trip to Japan

Back to a ‘normal’ week in Singapore (see previous post).
Although to many it can seem exciting, travelling constantly is very tiring. Especially when it’s work related and after a day at work you need to go for dinner with colleagues and keep the conversation going…
I love Japan though.
And if trips to JTC are quite exhausting, I would go back now if I could, not to mention how I would love to live there!
Most of the days were sunny, not too hot and so perfect for walks at the weekend!!
We went to Yanaka on a Saturday to walk around houses from pre-WWII. It was very different from the rest of the city, an oasis of peace lost in time, with traditional tiny shops where the owners were cooking delicious rice crackers. Shrines in flowery gardens, the Japanese trees I love (and want in my garden when back home) and a very cool art shop. Ended up in Ueno park to see a lotus pond, that I could stare for hours, such was its charm…
The afternoon was sweet and it slowly dissolved in a not too busy Shimbashi area for dinner, in a Japanese/Spanish fusion restaurant.
That’s one more thing I love about Japan, there are so many fusion eateries! And so delicious!! I love the diversity and the experiments they do… even if it means eating pizza straight after some sushi while drinking red wine.
Something Italy is definitely not ready for.
On Sunday we took a train for a day trip to Kamakura. A lovely little city by the sea rich of temples and with the famous Daibutsu, massive Buddha.
The beach was crowded with Japanese families completely dressed and hiding from the sun in tents and desperate Westerners sucking up the sun while laying  on a very dirty beach, full of all what the tides have brought.
We strolled around, looked into the little, unique shops around, and bought cherry blossom shells.
Pure bliss!
There is something nostalgic about that country that touches my heart.
Lost in time but yet at the front of the most modern technologies.
So generous, hospitable and yet so traditional and inward facing. Definitely unique in its kind.

Till soon my beloved Land of the Rising Sun.



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